Shipping Calculations

Shipping by Fedex is charged on all items that we sell. If you are shipping to a residential address, we may use US Postal Service to ship your order and will pass along any savings that we may experience.

Why don't we offer Free Shipping??

It makes us sad that the concept of "Free Shipping" is so common with online shipping. We wish it would be called "Shipping Included". We all love a bargain and Free sounds awesome to us when we shop, too!
We make every effort to keep our product prices as low as possible and diligently shop for the best shipping rates to pass along to you. We think you will find that even when you add the additional shipping charges to the cost of our products, you will still get a very good deal on the total purchase price compared to sites that offer "Free" shipping.
We are based in North Carolina and the only way for us to sell products with shipping included, would be to charge the maximum amount of shipping on every order and we just don't think that is fair to you.